About us

Boxing Ring Rental has provided party rental service in the Los Angeles county and surrounding areas since 1989. We have grown to be one of the biggest and most reliable Boxing Ring Rental company in the Southern California area.  

Boxing Ring Rental offers a large variety of Boxing Rings, Boxing Ring Stairs, Boxing Ring Stools, Spit Buckets, Ring Gongs and much more. We continually look to add new and vintage boxing rings to our rentals. All of our Boxing Rings that are avialalble for rental are properly cared for and maintained.  All of Boxing Ring Rental Boxing Rings meet the latest standards for safety in design and use. 

Boxing Ring Rental provides an easy and convenient method for Boxing Ring rental, all it takes is 3 easy steps to rent from us. Boxing Ring Rental thrives on its excellent customer service and timeliness so customers can enjoy their shoot without having to worry about their Boxing Ring rental.  

Boxing Ring Rental has provided ring rental service for all occasions, such as film, production shoots, commericals, pro fight events, promotional fight nights, and charity events.

Why choose Boxing Ring Rental? Because we are devoted to providing our customers with the best quality service along with the safest.




Founded in 1979, by owner Michael Mendelson, BOXING RING RENTAL . COM is the leading contractor for providing boxing rings and equipment. Located in the heart of Hollywood, California and dedicated to serving the nation and a worldwide clientele. We will customize and erect boxing rings of all sizes to fit any arena or venue; modern, aged, distressed, and ring looks from an earlier period. We have provided equipment for some of the most noted promoters and production companies in the film, television, and music video industry; companies such as Warner Bros. and the Movie “Creed,” Jimmy Kimmel Live – featuring Mike Tyson, Tracy Morgan, and JK Roland, the “Iron Man Movie,” and the installation of our ring and equipment was used for the match between Jake Paul and Ben Askren .  We offer the highest grade and quality ring equipment at affordable prices.



  • Our goal is to deliver immediately and to exceed our clients’ expectation
  • Provide the highest grade-quality at affordable prices
  • Create and cultivate long-term relationships with clients worldwide
  • Respond immediately to the changing needs of our clients 24 hours daily
  • Achieve complete customer satisfaction
  • Improve our service continually



Our vision at BOXINGRINGRENTAL.COM is to provide a staff and team of expert sales personnel highly trained and efficient and ready for anything that may occur – responding quickly to our customers’ needs and concerns.